Do you need a new hairstyle? Then this is the place for you! We've found 43 of the badass tribal braids hairstyles for you to try. There are braids for every style, from ponytails to buns to pigtails with bright colors. The only problem you'll end up with is deciding what braided look you want to try! So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at this and we guarantee that you will book your next hair appointment soon.

1. Tribal braids in a bun updo

The first hairstyle we have to show you is this beautiful braided bun. This bun sits high on the head with loose braids on the sides and braid cuffs. Braided buns like this are beautiful and perfect for occasions where you want to look elegant and glamorous.

: @juschardell

2. Vibrant tribal pigtails

Next we have vibrating tribal pigtails. The braids are shaped into a ponytail and held in strong pink. We love this hairstyle and it is perfect for the ladies who want a bold new look. You can emulate these braids or even try another vivid hue.

: @dominiquesvanitycorner

3. Tribal Feed In braids with cords

With hair accessories you can make the simplest braids look fashionable and unique. These braids are spiced up with cords and braided cuffs. You can use different color cables as shown or just one. A sleek and elegant hairstyle like this suits everyone.

: @ stitchedbyshari

4. Tribal braids with pearls

While we're dealing with hair accessories, you need to look at these tribal braids with pearls. The medium-length braids are decorated with many beads in different shapes and colors. There are also some mussels added. Pearls are an easy way to update your braids. The more different shapes, colors and styles you add to your pigtails, the better they will look.

: @ teyonahparris

5. Tribal braids with a stunning pattern

Our next idea involves tribal braids with a stunning pattern. The braids look almost like a heart with a braid in the middle. Such braids are perfect for those who want to express their individual style. Create a pattern like this or create your own.

: @fancy_claws

6. Beautiful blond braids

You can add pigtails of any color. One of the most popular colors is blonde, and in hairstyles like the following we can see why. Here we have braids, through which different blond tones run. This is a beautiful hair idea that suits everyone. It's perfect for giving your look a summery touch year-round.

: @zadiya_baker

7. Tribal braids with beads and cuffs

If you are looking for trendy braids, then this hair idea is just right for you. Here we have tribal pigtails with cuffs and pearls. What we like about this look is that the pattern and accessories are not over the top. Hair like this will suit everyone. Choose long braids as shown or try short ones. Any length will certainly look good.

: @divynedavyna_haarstil

8. Braided ponytail

Next we have a super stylish idea for braided ponytails. The ponytail sits high on the head, has loose braids on the side and is styled with beautiful hair ornaments. Restore the ponytail and add your own accessories to make the ponytail unique. The middle braid looks beautiful. So keep a similar look.

: @lielt_samrawit

9. Pretty tribal pigtails with lateral pattern

The patterns you can have in pigtails are endless. These braids are easy until you see the sides. There is a small section on the side of the head with a trendy line design. We love this look because it has an effect but is not too dramatic.

: @ vibeofanubian

10. Tribal pigtails to a long ponytail

Braids look so stylish when styled sideways. Here we have a plaited ponytail with subtle twist designs at the top and pigtails sitting on the side. This is a beautiful hairstyle that is rounded off with accessories. You can recreate with or without beads and cuffs.

: @fancy_claws