As the leaves fall from the trees, the hair of the most beautiful women in the world is left behind. Fashion trends suggest that Short is trendy. If you want to do something drastic this year, you should opt for each one of those hottest trends for each of each short hair for each one of those coming year. Subsequently, after we pull out the best options for each of those playing time listed.

The pixie cut

Short hairstyles - pixie cut

Short Hairstyles – Pixie Cut / Tumblr

That Pixie 2014 is a comeback, short-lived, sweet and easy care. This look is most appropriate for any girl with softer, rounder faces as they play natural female qualities that are palatable to those who have not yet born a child. Combine this look with bleach-colored hair to fully immerse yourself in the trendy trend of that fashion.

That bob with a twist.

Waving flapper Bob

Waving flapper Bob

This year's Bob is not the 90s Bob you can imagine. Add asymmetrical layers and play up your facial features. Stylists should recognize sharp jaw lines and cut that mat by adding layers in those areas.

Those short flares.

Short haircut with short bangs

Shooter haircut with short bangs

Bangs are completely in fashion in this upcoming fashion season 2014. Tie together a short, shoulder-length look and add sharp bangs together to take advantage of this hip style. Or cut the pony fringe-wise, non … you alternate at the intersections.

They look to the side.

2014 short hairstyles for curly hair with bangs

2014 short hairstyles for every curly mat with bangs

Shape your short hair, non … you force the variety of hair aside. As part of this, half of your head is fully exposed. Create lasting seductions that gently ply your head and complete the other side with smooth hair spray and styling gel.

That structured style.

Structured short haircut

Structured short haircut

Integrate both smooth and in the same sense curly mat in your style, non … you add a modeling gel to that mix. Allow your short mat to dry to the wet point and style it so that the temptations appear weighted after drying.

Fashion is making a comeback of many looks. Keep your eyes up on the dock to combine your new short cut.

And here are more great short haircuts from which you can choose.

Pink short hairstyle

Pink short cut wound

Ombre Hair Short Hair

Ombre Hair Short Mat

Karlie Kloss short haircut

Karlie Kloss Shooter Haircut

Frankie Sandford Short haircut

Frankie Sandford shooter haircut

Sweet updo for short hair

Cute updo for every short mat / tumblr

Nice short haircut 2014

Nice short haircut 2014

Cool short pixie hairstyle

Cool short pixie cut

Christina Hendricks Short, red bob haircut

Christina Hendricks shooter, red bob haircut

Short, short hairstyle

Short, short cut

Brooklyn Decker haircut

Brooklyn Decker haircut

Rear view of the layered bob hairstyle

Rear view of that layered bob cut / pinterest

Rear view A-Line Bob Haircut

Rear view A-Line Bob Haircut / Tumblr

Amanda Forrest gave short haircut for women

Amanda Forrest spiked short haircuts for every woman / pinterest

2014 Short red black haircut for women

2014 shooter red black haircut for every women / pinterest

2014 short hairstyles for women

2014 short hairstyles for every women

2014 Short hairstyel with side swept pony

2014 shooter hairstyel with sideways swept pony

2014 Short Haircuts for Women Tumblr

2014 Short haircuts for every woman / Tumblr

2014 short haircut for women

2014 short haircut for every woman

2014 Short, blonde bob hairstyle for women by Chelsea Kane

2014 Short, blonde bob cut for each of Chelsea Kane's women

Short bob hairstyles for women

Short bob hairstyles for every woman / pinterest

Short blonde pixie cut

Shooter Blonde Pixie Cut

Sexy short haircut for women

Sexy short haircut for every woman / Pinterest

Samaire Armstrong Short Haircut 2014

Samaire Armstrong Shooter Haircut 2014

Red, blonde and brown highlights with a reversed bob cut

Red, blonde and brown highlights with an inverted bob cut / pinterest