If you're linking, wear short pixie. Medium-length locksBeing a choppy bob or just about any other class of cut, you will notice that this cutting of some stacked layers in the switches linking makes a big difference to each one of your wool. Stacked hairstyles are few of these popular and it is lightweight to recognize why. If you're not sure exactly what stacked wool is, it's like clockwork. The layers are subsequently and subsequently cut into the back of the head, creating a rounded shape with a lot of extra body. This is the perfect way to give shape and height to your wool, while being trendy. Accordingly, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the 20 stacked hairstyles that you'll fall in love with.

Feathered blonde bob

That short hairstyle adds depth and texture to the wool as well as any class and way you can imagine. There are two different stroke-controlled lengths, from this choppy, layered tooth crown to the long strands framing this face. Then of course there are some stylish brown stripes in the wool.

Layered stacked bob


Short-lived and stringent

If you want to convince yourself that short hairstyles might be among the most beautiful and girly ones, here is your demonstration. We love what chic shape that was not cut at the neck afterwards, and this reddish brown hue is shiny and shiny.

Smooth bob


Blond Balayage

Here we draw an amazing mindset for each linking A-Line Bob. In this bob form, there is interlinked expert cutting angle, which gives even the finest hair shape and body. Qua this would not be stylish enough, different blond tones were mixed together, creating a beautiful balayage episode.

Sliver Bob


Bettie Bangs

Bettie Pony is the name for every super short, dull bangs that are cut high in the forehead. This style was later named the 1940s pin-up model Bettie Page, and this dull bob is an ideal way to bring this classic style up to date.

Busted bob with blunt bangs


Purple stripes

The shape of this crop will certainly be as good as any face shape. This high, stacked switch and the long, framing front strands on this front fit together perfectly. Qua if that's not enough, the stripes of purple add a rebellious, funky seam.

Two-colored hair


Fiery red

Just dare to wear this short hairstyle if you do not mind being centered, this multi-tonal red is as bold and beautiful as it gets, and this stacked seed with curving side-pony is a real showstopper.

Bright colored bob


Extremely completed Bob

Unleash your inner rock star, not you try out which striking cut. There is a lot of form here; From the teased, back-combed roots to the dull-angled ends.

Back bent Bob


Wavy Bob

Maybe sharp angles and extremely high crowns are not exactly your thing. If this is the key point, do not be fooled into trusting that you could not rock an amazing stacked cut. This wavy, graded bob is sweet and carefree. We especially love the cherry red Balayage that runs through them.

Purple highlighted Bob


Golden praise

This praise (of short duration for each 'long bob') is currently one of those biggest wool trends and can be worn by just about any stilidole. This is an amazing mindset for any linking voluminous, eye-catching praise. This wool has been split to one side deep with thick, curved hair and this golden hue is mesmerizing – especially under lightly darkened roots.

Blond layered bob


Two-tone pixie

Wondering how to give your pixie harvest acting poetry and depth? That wavy, stacked crop is an ideal way of thinking about it. Additional chopped layers were cut in the back of the hair, resulting in a considerable height. In addition, the hair was colored in a funny two-tone style, above golden blond and below chocolate brown.

Curly Stacked Bob


Chestnut Bob

This haircut manages to create a seriously dramatic angle to this A-line in a strikingly subtle, unobtrusive style. This sand-brown hue has been whitened by a touch of golden balayage, this one aimed at the menorrhagia front of the beach, Bob's face up to pull and shape.

Blond Bob with midsection


Black and gold

A chin-length, stacked bob with a curved bangs is very flattering and can cope with just about any girl. However, if you want to uniquely test this classic cut, add bold gold streaks through your black attempts.

Black and brown stacked bob


Chocolate angled Bob

The shape of this extremely angled, stacked bob is as trendy as it gets. A haircut like this one looks best when worn in a sleek, straightforward style with a shiny coloration like this rich chocolate brown.

Inverted Bob


Bicolor Bob

If we could summarize which section in one word, this would be: wow. The two different tones in the stacked bob are warm enough to reciprocally complement each other, but differ so that they combine dramatic contrast.

Brown Bob with side panel


Strawberry blond pile

The colors in this softly stacked bob fit perfectly with the warm summer sunshine. This cut is high and stratified, so even thin attempts may lead to the desire to be thick and full bodied.

Marked Bob


Pastel tone curls

Shimmering silver is currently one of the coolest trends in wool. These silvery attempts involve light pastel-lavender tone, which makes the color even more beautiful.

Wavy Bob


Cinnamon stack

The sweet cinnamon color in this softly stacked bob will look wonderful among girls with warm skin tones. The length of this bob is not only elegant and chic, but also incredibly beautiful.

Burgundy bob


Subtle Ombre

You're tearing the perfect, angled bob with a dependably stacked peg, surely you pull that snub that your coloring will let you down? If your natural color is too dull or too shallow for any such stylish silhouette, you'll just want to add a hint of blond ombre to it.

Straight Bob


Graduated Bob with Full Bangs

That cut is perfect for any girl who wants to experiment with short hair, Certainly not yet ready to part with her long, feminine attempts. The composition of light and dark brown looks grandiose on all skin types.

Stapled Bob with Wispy Pony


Multi-colored stripes

There are many different colors in this short stacked bob. Auburn, Maroon, Ash Blonde and Gold Blonde work together to create warmth and depth.

White highlighted bob