Halle Berry, Janet Jackson and Rihanna are just some of the celebrities who have made Pixie Harvest their distinctive style at a certain time. Such stars after pulling second violin proved how beautiful short elf cultures can look like within black women.

Rich skin tones, tight seduction and inherently protruding bone structures are three key factors in making a Pixie harvest look perfect. So, when you feel the happiness of rocking three functions empty, this could be the ideal style for you. The great thing about this classic haircut is that it never came out of fashion and will never do that second violin. Super-short hair can be worn in a variety of exciting ways so that you can always find a unique elf that's right for you.

So, if you are looking for a way to make this spring look chic and cool, here are some hottest pixie cuts pro black women to inspire you to get the kick.

Blue and Violet Pixie with sunglasses

Short, choppy layers can give the wool a depth and texture as in no other style. The shape of this harvest emphasizes the bones of each girl, and may even evoke the desire of cheekbones in round-faced girls. As if that were not enough, second fiddle we love the deep, magical shades of ocean blue and purple.

Cool Pixie


Shooter and layered US Ami of African ancestry Pixie cut

Keep your pixie cut short and jerky when you want to get the most out of your face shape. Which feathered pony frame of this model is beautiful and could do the same for you.

Pixie with wispy bangs


Asymmetrical purple pixie – purple pixie cut short wool

It is impossible to decide which one we love most about this haircut. Which edgy cut is really unique, bluntly tasteful, which unite side with a shaved undercut and which other side cut into undulating layers. Then there is this stunning drop shadow of pastel lavender. Whichever of all, this is a showstop style.

Pale purple hair

African American Curly Top – pixie cut with soft seduction

You can flaunt your natural seduction while pivotally combining sleek, polished and lightweight manageable style. The shiny seduction on which top gives the short groove a breathtaking texture. The cut sides with smooth lines create a beautifully shaped shape.

Black layered pixie


Space Over Curls – Trendy Short Curly Pixie Cut pro African American

The great thing about this cut and curly pixie cut is how lightweight it is. This would be what a perfect style for you, if you do not enjoy getting your hair done every morning.

Pretty pixie


Scruffy Pixie – Layered pixie cut per black women

Get the best out of your thick natural texture, non … play around with disheveled styles like this one. Which Pixie was cut in unite chopped, layered style and pushed in unite sexy quiff.

Soft pixie


Caramel Seduction – US Ami of African Origin Short Haircut Ideas

Such unrolled seductions are unbelievably sugary and pretty. Cut your wool in this spiral style and you'll find it stands out even more with its golden caramel highlights.

Curly Blonde Pixie


Chocolate Brown – Shooter, straight pixie cut with bangs

It's this rich, shiny chocolate brown hue that makes this whip-shaped pixie an eye-catcher. The shape and cut of which brunette seduction of this girl works wonders per empty cheekbones.

Slim Pixie


Stiffness Seduce – African American Shooter Curly Haircut – Pixie Cut

Like those, pixie chicks look cheap when they are full of depth and texture, and it's not a phenomenon that black girls can weigh big, beautiful texture like no other. We love the way and way the wool was divided with sharp lines and a shaved fade.

Curly Pixie


Smooth black pixie cut with long, sideways curved pony

It is hard to imagine which cut has a more flattering shape than this black pixie. Which curved side pony and artfully cut side work together to make the face of this model perfect.

Beautiful black pixie


Fade with lines per black women

Their natural Afro texture is perfect for combining beautifully shaped, textured pixie cuts. Let your seduction magnify your extra short crop and ask your stylist to cut a super-slim fade with sharp lines.

Short haircut


Caramel Seduce

The curly, spiraling seductions in this pixie testify to how feminine short hair can look. The sweet caramel color fits perfectly to the skin tone of this model.

Chic curly pixie


The Audrey Hepburn – Shooter US Ami African-origin haircut per dense wool

Super petrol short pony and choppy, small layers make this shiny black pixie look like a Hollywood icon, Audrey Hepburns. Such delightful kiss-curl sideways frames that face perfectly and gives vintage glamor a special touch.

Nice pixie


US Ami of African descent floppy-side pixie per medium wool

The asymmetrical shape of this accomplished styled pixie would look amazing in any formal and glamorous cause. That wool is parted low to the side; One half is short-lived and jerky and emphasizes the cheekbones, while the other side is silky and limp. Even you love to tattoo!

Long side separation


Honey Pony – layered sustainable pixie with long bangs cut

This forward-looking pixie is not only super stylish; it's second fiddle unbelievably flattering to every face shape. Which pony is a bit wide and stratified, and this honey-blonde color looks great on a brown coat.

Layered pixie


Red Seduction – Red Pixie Cut – African American Pixie Cut with Bright Color

Do you perceive yourself as brave and beautiful? If so, try the fanciest color of vibrant red – a classic curly cut. The one red dared, and the dark tones underneath make the spiraling seduction even more talkative.

Wine red pixie



Profound tones of cherry red deserve the wavy layers of this relaxed good for the elf. Which style of this Shaggy Do is both womanly as second violin high quality.

Burgundy Pixie


Natural seduction

Leave your natural seduction empty, non … you try this stress free pixie for yourself. To replicate this look, a small part of combing and a few products are enough to smooth sideways to create even more height on which top.

Natural curls


Full Bangs

Looking for a way to look chic and stylish while showing your rebellious tomboy side? This hacked, cropped pixie with full pony and short sides is what an ideal way to do just that.

Pixie with a long pony


Flapper girl

Such perfectly polished, golden finger waves were designed in the vintage style of the 1920s. They remind us a little bit of the ultimate girl, Josephine Baker. In addition, such beautiful allover blonde really makes an opinion.

Blond short hair