A great hair color for those who are looking for a difference!



This hair color is good for some, who should try?

We write these expressions in the most accurate manner according to the results obtained by evaluating the views that have been made for a long time. Because it is a dark tone, it is suitable for ladies with fair skin or wheat skin. In addition, the effectiveness is increased in people with colored eyes. You should use this color if you have colored eyes and a fair-skinned face. In the beginning, you may be a bit shy, but gain your self-confidence and try it.


How can I get blue black hair color?All details

You may need to open your hair first to get that color. If you have dark hair, you should open the hair color. That way, you can easily get that hair color. If you want a mild look, do not forget to use a foil to separate your natural hair with your colorful hair. After you have opened your hair, paint your hair out of any of the above hair colors according to the instructions. Apply Vaseline to your skin before painting and wear worn out clothing. Paint according to the suggestions in the box and paint your hair with your diploma. Wait an average of 40 minutes, then wash with warm water and wait for your hair to dry. You will have received the color in this way. But sometimes you can not recognize this color in the first picture.

What is the hue of Blue Black Hair Rich?

In addition to the basic color, there are several tonalities. If the tone selection is well done, you can get better views.

  • Pale blue black
  • Dark blue black
  • Metallic blue black tone
  • Heavy black color
  • Black with blue density
  • Magical blue black hair color
  • Black burning color
  • Night blue hair color


Hair models and shaping suggestions

You can choose the fabric and paddle to shape. You can also sculpt your hair with hair foam or jelly instead of using a fenning machine. If you sculpt in this way, your hair washing machines will become more lively. If you have long hair, you can use your favorite braids and add hair dye. Here are our suggestions for the hair model;

– Bob haircut

– Wavy hairstyle

– Long, layered shiny hair model

– Wood Hair Models

-Ultra flat hairstyles

– Light curly hair models

– Pixie haircut